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XO offers a totally unique, pilates based, high intensity, low impact, full body regimen.
Yeah it’s a mouthful but it packs the best elements of all of these disciplines into a 50 minute class curated to give you the most comprehensive fitness experience on Earth.
Gone are the days where you need a spin class for cardio, a boot camp for weight training and a pilates class for lengthening. At XO you can achieve all of your fitness goals in one place under the guidance and support of our staff of instructors who are here to make sure that you have an uplifting, exhausting and totally badass experience.

why us and not them?

From the moment you enter the studio, you sense this will be no ordinary class. The intensity and high-energy of each instructor combined with the maximized teachings of pilates distilled down into a cross training format (we told you we were wordy) is sure to engage your entire body and become a workout experience you will never forget.

any side effects?

There are some things that are just not meant to be changed.  But your body is not one of them.  Clients who practice regularly experience profound changes in their body including dramatic weight loss, visible muscle definition, improved strength, endurance, flexibility, and a whole new level of energy.  And happiness.  That too.

You earn your body and we’ll help you become worthy.

New to XO?

Our signature class is the Cross Over 3.  50 minutes of Full Body Work.  Open to all levels, this class will get your heart rate revved, your muscles firing and your calories burning.


+ New clients are requested to arrive 10 minutes early to meet our staff, discuss any injuries or limitations and complete our client waiver.  Please be aware that if you have not arrived by the time class has begun, you will not be able to join as a new client.  Similar to how you feel about seeking out the perfect Artisan Farmers Market on Sundays and curing your own bacon, we feel just as strongly about this. No exceptions, duh.

+ Sneakers are required in order to take class. No socks or bare feet are permitted during your workout.

+ Slip-on hand wraps are provided as a courtesy to protect your knuckles while you go to town on our heavy bags.  Or bring your own.

+ Reservations for classes can be cancelled online or by telephone with no charge up to 12 hours prior to the beginning of class. If a reservation is “Early Cancelled”, the class is credited to your XO account to use towards future reservations. Purchases will not be refunded to your credit card. If a reservation is not cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy of 12 hours and you need to “Late Cancel” your class in our system or you just do not show up (“No Show”), you will forfeit that class.


Be Nice. Be a Badass. Behave.

+ Sneakers are required to take class.

+ New clients may not join class once it is in session.

+ If you are a current client, please arrive at least 10 minutes before class.  If you have not checked in by the start of class, your reserved spot may be given away to a client on the waitlist.   Clients who are more than 10 minutes late will not be admitted into class.  We are very strict on this policy. (Thank you for understanding).

+ No classes can be reserved or confirmed if you are not prepaid.

+ Classes and class packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

+ Please be aware of our 12-hr cancellation policy. There will be no exceptions.

+ Clients under 18 years of age are not permitted to take Group classes without a guardian present.


The Cross Over 3

XO’s signature class combines 50 minutes of resistance, strength training, plyometrics and cardio into a fun, fast paced, high energy, music fueled, complete body experience. In every class you will work in a circuit training format amongst 3 stations as you utilize our pilates reformers, springboards and heavy bags for the most exciting, diverse and comprehensive fitness routine ever created. Whether you’re a serious athlete or just getting back into your fitness regimen this class will enable you to achieve your goals and leave you feeling exhausted and invigorated at the same time.  For real.

You earn your body and we’ll help you become worthy.

the equipment


A bamboo and titanium crafted reformer that you won’t find anywhere else in Los Angeles.


The Springboard is a piece of equipment that provides an invigorating full-body workout. It is a wall unit that consists of a five-foot rectangular board. It has eyelets placed at six-inch increments at both sides of the board, as well as two arm springs with neoprene handles and a wooden trapeze.


One piece of equipment that has become almost legendary in its shaping of champions, and the results in physical fitness it has achieved for many an “average” person, is the heavy bag.



Your first class is only 10 bones

  • Single Class

  • $201 little class
  • Buy Now
  • 5 Class Pack

  • $90($18 per class)
  • Buy Now
  • 10 Class Pack

  • $170($17 per class)
  • Buy Now
  • 20 Class Pack

  • $320($16 per class)
  • Buy Now
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership

  • $190(Go Nuts)
  • Buy Now

Class Packs: Late Cancel (under 12 hrs) or No Show will serve as a class forfeited. Classes expire 1 year from date of purchase.

Unlimited Monthly: All Late Cancel (cancellation under 12 hrs) and No Show fees apply ($15/$25).  3 month commitment required.  After that initial 3 mo’s, there is cancellation notice to terminate.  Cool?


New to us?

Your very first class with us is 10 smackers hotshot.

Your First Unlimited Month with us is $95.  

Available to all clients for a one time purchase*

*Late Cancel – cancellation under 12 hours – and No Show fees apply ($15/$25)

Like a good Happy Hour?

Our Happy Hour class at 5PM on Tuesdays & Thursdays is only $10.
Available for new and current clients of the studio, these classes can be purchased outside of any current membership or package. 



SARA lewis | Owner

Powered by coffee and peanut butter, Sara is our mascot.  Her no bullshit attitude will jolt you right out of that warm fuzzy place you call your comfort zone.  Her love for weights, coupled with a background in boxing and pilates, ensure her sessions are led with a focus on precision, discipline and good technique.

LIZ Guerrieri | Head of Operations

An accomplished dancer, Liz moved to LA from Cleveland to pursue her dreams. Known for her creativity in both movement in music, you’ll never take the same class twice.  She gives 100% every time and expects you to do the same. And feel free to make Lebron jokes if you dare.

Liz’s Instagram

CARLY jones

Although she is classically trained in ballet from the Boston Ballet and the prestigious American Ballet Theater, Carly is no princess. With a belief in simple, effective training, you’ll sweat, you’ll hurt, you’ll push right out of your comfort zone…but you’ll smile doing it.

Carly’s Instagram

NICK Silva

Originally from Boston, Nick is a professional contemporary dancer who trained at the Broadway Dance Center in New York before heading out west to add to his already extensive performance career with multiple TV shows and features.  Since moving to LA, Nick naturally made the shift into the fitness industry.  Nick draws on his performance background and curiosity of movement to build a well-rounded workout.  And he still has the slightest adorable glimmer of his BAHston accent if you listen closely…

Nick’s Instagram

GUY woodson

Arguably the most likable man in fitness and our most tenured instructor, Guy has a legion of loyal clients who come not only for the motivation and energy he packs into every class (there’s a reason he teaches the 6AM) but for the perfectly manicured, pulsing, and sometimes questionable holiday-themed playlists.

Guy’s Instagram


A professional dancer, actress, choreographer, yoga and fitness instructor, you could say that Sloan-Taylor is the embodiment of hard work.  She believes in working hard and partying harder.  Sloan-Taylor was most recently the principle back up dancer for Lady Gaga’s world tour which means that if you take her class you may hear ‘Bad Romance’ on permanent repeat.

Sloan’s Instagram

EILEEN crowe

Eileen is a licensed Massage Practitioner and she earned a comprehensive Pilates certification through Balanced Body on all apparatuses as well as a certification in Pre/Post Natal Pilates and TRX Suspension Training.  What does this all mean?  Expect a wide variety of influences in her sessions, which will highlight muscles you didn’t even know existed. 

Eileen’s Instagram 

ZACH hudson

Zach Hudson started dancing at the age of 12 and has pretty much been on tour ever since. He has worked with and choreographed for artists like Gwen Stefani, Sam Smith, Adam Lambert among countless others. His perfectionism in his steps combined with his passion for the perfect workout led Zach down the eventual path to teaching with us at XO. His energy is dialed, his playlists are always on point and he will work you to your absolute maximum until you’ll come out not knowing how hard you’ve worked. Until again tomorrow.

Zach’s Instagram 



13950 ventura blvd

sherman oaks 

p: (818) 506-8411

e: desk@thecrossoverxo.com


Monday: 6-11AM, 5-8PM

Tuesday: 6-11AM, 4-8PM

Wednesday: 6-11AM, 5-8PM

Thursday: 6-11AM, 4-8PM

Friday: 6AM-11AM

Saturday: 9AM-12PM

Sunday: 9AM-1PM