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As of April 2017 XO has transitioned to a full service Private studio offering One-on-One, Duet and small group sessions.

We currently offer Private Training with our totally unique Pilates based, high intensity, low impact, full body regimen. Gone are the days when you need a spin class for cardio, a boot camp for weight training and a Pilates class for lengthening. At XO you can achieve all of your fitness goals in a personally curated 1 hour private session with one of our highly trained badass trainers.

New to XO? Your First session is just $60.


Call (818) 351-9635 or email us for more info or to schedule.


why us and not them?

From the moment you enter the studio, you sense this will be no ordinary session. The intensity and specificity of each instructor combined with the maximized teachings of pilates distilled down into a cross training format (we told you we were wordy) is sure to engage your entire body and become a workout experience you will never forget.

any side effects?

There are some things that are just not meant to be changed.  But your body is not one of them.  Clients who practice regularly experience profound changes in their body including dramatic weight loss, visible muscle definition, improved strength, endurance, flexibility, and a whole new level of energy.  And happiness.  That too.



A bamboo and titanium crafted reformer that you won’t find anywhere else in Los Angeles.


The Springboard is a piece of equipment that provides an invigorating full-body workout. It is a wall unit that consists of a five-foot rectangular board. It has eyelets placed at six-inch increments at both sides of the board, as well as two arm springs with neoprene handles and a wooden trapeze.


One piece of equipment that has become almost legendary in its shaping of champions, and the results in physical fitness it has achieved for many an “average” person, is the heavy bag.




13950 ventura blvd

sherman oaks 

p: (818) 506-8411

e: desk@thecrossoverxo.com